Diane’s online Yoga classes are by far the best I have attended. She takes great care to use the technology to its best advantage meaning that she can demonstrate poses so that no detail is lost. This way I feel confident I am working safely even though she isn’t in the room with me. If you’re looking for an online Yoga class you won’t find a better one!!

Lara, Cambridge

Diane is a great teacher who I highly recommend. Diane gives us options for adapting poses, or might suggest props that we can use which makes the work accessible for all abilities. I always find the classes interesting and inspiring and good for my sense of well-being – both the in-person classes and the Zoom classes are really brilliant.

Violet, Cambridge

Diane is a wonderful teacher who is highly knowledgeable and able to adapt to any individual needs. The classes are fun, challenging, grounding and very restorative.

Laura, Cambridge

I feel strong, supple and energised after a class with Diane.

Fiona, Cambridge

I have been practising yoga with Diane for over 10 years, and you could not wish for a more knowledgeable and dedicated teacher. I am counting on her to keep me flexible and strong until I am 90!

Lesley, Cambridge.

I was looking for a way to improve back pain and address recurrent running injuries and Diane’s patient, tailored approach made a huge difference to both of these. Her varied sessions always bring new ways of thinking about and experiencing yoga, and I have found an unexpected but much appreciated sense of mindfulness through her teaching.

Kate, Cambridge

I have been to various yoga classes over the years but have found Diane the most helpful teacher I have encountered. Her wealth of knowledge and experience combined with her patience and the individual tailored advice she provides has been essential in terms of improving my own yoga practice.

Rob, musician.

Diane’s classes are always well thought out and planned. They always include something new. They definitely have a positive effect on my wellbeing.

Caroline, Cambridge.

I feared a serious knee injury following a road accident was going to bring my practice to an end but, with Diane’s encouragement, I’ve rejoined her sessions and, as with all her students, where there are physical problems Diane suggests alternative postures to enable us all to benefit from yoga.

Wendy, Cambridge

During lockdown I learned to rely on Diane’s online classes as a source of personal relaxation, inner strength and a time to focus on building resilience. Diane’s classes feel balanced and thorough with alternatives for individual issues. She is alert to supporting everyone to achieve as much as they can. A very inspiring teacher whom I feel very privileged to be learning from.

Fenella, Cambridge

Diane is an expert teacher who is gentle and encouraging. I couldn’t do without my weekly class. It sets me up for the week.

Mary, Cambridge

Diane will find a way every single lesson to help you improve your mobility and strength

Marica, Teacher of Italian